Friday, December 19, 2003

Tomorrow's another Saturday filled with things to do. *sigh* A co-worker and I were talking the other night about how eager we would be to rejoin the "carefree" days of being an undergraduate student -- go to classes full-time, maybe have a part-time job, go out for pizza with your friends, watch lots of tv, and just generally relax. And yet we thought it was ever so stressful then.

(Tangent 1) I had my latest trip to the obstetrician's office. Everything went pretty well. Since my doc was sick, I got to see some other obstetrician. I swear she was trying to scare me. When I asked her about some pain I'd been having, she said it was probably just a ligament being strained, BUT if I felt it four times in an hour to lay down, and if I felt four times in an hour after that to call in to the doctor's office. Then she proceeded to commend me on the shoes I was wearing (my new-to-me Ecco hiking shoes that I got for $20 this week on E-Bay) and launched into telling me about how if I do slip and fall on my stomach in the winter weather, that I have to come to the hospital to be observed from 4-24 hours. Like a first time mom-to-be needs additional worries added onto her plate!

(Tangent 2) Just to warn you -- my mind tangents a lot. Today I got my other recent E-Bay purchase, an ivory-colored lace mantilla. For those of you who don't know, a mantilla is like a lace scarf and triangular. Women and girls used to wear them as a head covering when they would attend Catholic Mass pre-Vatican II. For the most part you won't see them being worn too much these days. The exception to that being if you attend a Latin Mass. I definitely wear them when we venture to a Latin Mass and try to remember to wear them when I go to regular mass. I think they look neat and it's sort of a retro fashion thing I guess if I were forced to describe it. I'm going to bring one of them with me this week when we visit the in-laws in Ohio. We'll see how much shock value it has *lol*

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hello. This is my first blog entry. I won't carry on too much today. Even though it's a Saturday I have far too much I should be doing... Have to make a couple items for the office party tonight, should be working on my take-home final for Social Welfare Policy class, another nap doesn't sound too bad either... I'll try to post almost daily, but can make no promises.

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